Fastrack Recording

Fastrack recording is the easiest, fastest way to get high quality horns on your next project! 

In today’s age people are capable of recording high quality albums and demos in there own homes, but sometimes they want a little something extra to bring more life to their songs. Booking a studio, finding high quality musicians, and writing appropriate parts can be time consuming and expensive. With Fastrack Recording the sunset horns will write, arrange, and record horn parts in house and send them to you so you don’t have to worry about any of that! 

Getting Started

Project Form

To make your project the best it can be please email us and/or fill out the project form at the bottom of this page.   The project form is a questionnaire where you inform us about your project and let us know how we can best add to it.  Some things we need to know:

  • Number of songs
  • Preferred instrumentation (if any) 
  • Have you written a horn arrangement or would you like us to write a horn arrangement?
  • Style/vibe (Tower of Power, Ray Charles, Earth, Wind & Fire etc.)
  • Software (protools, logic etc)

Send Us Your Track

Send us your tracks via email or file sharing service (dropbox, google drive, etc.).  Confidentiality is our highest priority. We will not share or sample any of your tracks.  Confidentiality agreements are available at your request.

Putting It All Together


After you send us your track, we will put it into our recording software where we will listen to your song and chart out your horn arrangement or a custom tailored arrangement that we will write for you.  After the arrangement is complete, we will submit a MIDI mock-up to you for your approval.  

*It should be understood that the MIDI mock-up is not fully representative of what the final product will sound like.


Once the arrangement is approved, the Sunset Horns will go into the studio and record it.  Upon completion, we will send the unprocessed master tracks back to you so you can mix them however you'd like.


Below are some general prices.  Prices may vary depending on the size and scope of your project.


To get the best quality performance, we'd prefer to write out all horn arrangements.  This ensures consistency from take to take and will make for a better finished product.  These written arrangements will be sent to you as PDF's for future use.

Original Arrangements: $50 per song for a basic three-horn arrangement

Transcribed Arrangements: $35 per song for a basic three-horn arrangement. This price applies to anything we are asked to play that is not already written down for us. 

*Larger 4, 5, or 6-horn Earth, Wind & Fire-type arrangements tend to be more complex and involved.   These types of arrangements will cost closer to $100 each. 


One Song: $120 per musician

Two Songs: $200 per musician

Three Songs: $275 per musician

Four songs or more: Prices will be negotiated with the Sunset Horns via email. 


In the rare case our performance has not met your reasonable expectations, we are happy to discuss what we can do on our end to make sure you get what you want.

Project Form

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